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REfill REuse REpeat concept wins!

FASTEN is ecstatic to announce that our REfill REuse REpeat concept has been rewarded with two international awards! The Green Concept Award 2021 in the category consumer goods and the iF GOLD Design Award 2021 in the discipline Professional Concept!

The winning concept
The REfill REuse REpeat jar was created when we discovered the growing demand for innovative cream jars that are sustainable but combined a high-end cosmetic design. The idea was not to focus solely on the segment of sustainability, but to study every aspect and create as much synergy as possible. After this idea was planted in our heads, we created a stylish refillable cosmetic cream jar that not only looks amazing but is sustainable in so many ways! This was achieved by using only 1 material, (recycled) PP, for all parts, as to not disrupt any step in the recycling process.  During the design process, the weight of the design was reduced with 70% compared to a standard cream jar, and the refill was made stackable. This results in a significant CO2 reduction realized through transport. By replacing ink with debossing and folding the cardboard instead of gluing, a perfect sustainable jar was born!

The outer jar is designed with a rounded bottom and an open structure. This structure not only shows the consumer which cream refill they are using in an aesthetic way, but also reduces the material needed for the jar. The double wall cap has a crabs-claw, no additional shive or liner is needed. The inner cap shows a line in a contrast color from the rest of the cap to create a pleasant effect. The refill cup is an essential part of the design: it takes just one click to position it inside the mother, and this mono-material ultra-light thermoformed refill cup weighs only 2.6 grams. To create a distinction between creams, different colors can be used for the refill cup. Removing the cup is easy: click it out and put it in the recycling bin. If the consumer throws away the mother eventually, after several refills, the jar can be thrown away assembled with cap, cup and mother.

The best part of the design is that no compromises were made. We have chosen to do all that is possible regarding sustainability, but still offer an aesthetically appealing design.  REfill REuse REpeat is a great way to go green.

When it comes to designing new sustainable concepts, we are full of great ideas we would like to share with you! Contact us for more information.

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