Cosmetic Packaging - Fasten

Packaging is our passion. At Fasten everything is possible, for any budget.

We offer a wide assortment of standard packaging, customised solutions and completely bespoke packaging. Everything is produced upon order placement with our manufacturing partners located worldwide. We have an in-house quality control system to guarantee high-quality packaging that complies with the latest standards. Our project managers are eager to assist our customers with all their needs.

Bespoke and Standard Packaging - Fasten

Standard / Bespoke Packaging

Customising standard packaging or creating completely unique packaging from scratch, we can do it all!

Our focus is on adding value to a project. We listen to our customer’s requests and are pleased to translate them into concrete packaging concepts.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the basic principle of our packaging. Before the start of production, we define quality standards for every product with our quality team. 

Our quality control team inspects 100% of our batches before they are shipped, to confirm they meet the standards that have been set.

Quality Assurance - Fasten
Project Management - Fasten

Project Management

Packaging development is a process where different teams are involved.

Our team of project managers are right at the centre of our network. They are the main contact for our customers and production teams and are in control of every organisational detail of the project.

Global Production

Our global production facilities and manufacturing partners make it possible to offer the full spectrum of packaging solutions. Everything is produced to order and inspected by us on site. 

The flexibility in our production means that we can offer speed to market alongside competitive pricing.

Global Production - Fasten