What We Do - Fasten

We offer personalised standard packaging and bespoke packaging. We are eager to commercialise innovative packaging together with prestige, masstige and mass-market customers.

Within our company, we all work together as a team. After creating the concepts, we take care of the full chain of project management, sourcing, production, quality control and logistics. Always offering speed-to-market alongside competitive pricing.


Packaging is our passion. At Fasten everything is possible, for any budget.

We offer a wide assortment of standard packaging, customised solutions and completely bespoke packaging. Everything is produced upon order placement with our manufacturing partners located worldwide. We have an in-house quality control system to guarantee high-quality packaging that complies with the latest standards. Our project managers are eager to assist our customers with all their needs.

Packaging - Fasten
Innovation - Fasten


Our in-house design and engineering team is constantly on the lookout for how to develop new techniques, innovative materials and sustainable solutions. We keep up-to-date with the latest market trends in order to create the most innovative products.

At Fasten we do the complete innovation development process in-house, from the ground up, through concept development and even the final prototyping. This creates speed-to-market which can be achieved for luxury items or any price points.


At Fasten we offer graphic design, product design and concept development.

Our creative and gifted graphic designers and product engineers are always up-to-date when it comes to innovations and trends due to our active forecasting and love of design. Our designers can translate abstract trends into outstanding packaging concepts for every price range.

Design - Fasten