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One step heavy wall PET vs Acrylic (PMMA) and PETG

Nowadays there are numerous sustainable packaging options. But the options for high-end transparent materials are limited. At Fasten, we have an assortment of one step heavy wall PET jars, that is both sustainable as transparent and also has the luxurious appearance that a lot of brand request.

For transparent jars and dispensers, the choice is either glass, acrylic or PETG. Glass is recyclable, but heavy and fragile.  Acrylic (PMMA) and PETG are strong and recyclable, but in reality, the recycled resin is still rare, due to difficulties in the recycling process.

Standard PET does not give the high-end look. That’s why the choice for one step heavy wall PET make sense. This material has the same transparent and high-end look as acrylic and PETG but is easily recyclable and rPET is an option in production.

Where regular PET items are made in 2 steps; injection, and blow molding, one step heavy wall PET is created by injection only. The thick wall, transparency and heavy weight create the same high-end look as acrylic and PETG. One step heavy wall PET is shatterproof, transparent, strong and recyclable which makes it a sustainable alternative for high-end cosmetic jars and dispensers.

The material is suited to be decorated as requested with numerous after treatments like silkscreen printing or coloring.

Some brands are already embracing the looks and the sustainability from this material, like Schwarzkopf, the new packaging for the 200ml BLONDME masks.

At Fasten we offer several standards jars in one step heavy PET. You can check them here. Looking for some help with your project? Let us know!

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