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Sustainable packaging materials

There are many ways to implement sustainability in cosmetic packaging. One way is to choose for recycled materials. By using post-consumer recycled materials, you can reduce the environmental footprint in an easy way. And after use, the material can be recycled again and again! Recycled materials can be easily used in existing moulds, which limits the investment. It does not change the appearance of the packaging and keeps you branding as clear as before.

Available recycled materials
As a standard, we can offer several recycled materials.

  • PP (Polypropylene) is one of the safest plastics on the market. It is recyclable and it is a very durable plastic that is resistant to fatigue, which is why it’s often used for packaging like flip-top caps. Depending on the product, PP is available in up to 100% recycled granulate.
  • PE (Polyethylene/polythene) is the most common plastic in use. Because of the diversity of PE variants, it is incorporated into a wide range of applications. PE is a polymer, primarily used for packaging, it is a lightweight, durable thermoplastic. As for PP, PE is also available in up to 100% recycled material.
  • PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a general-purpose thermoplastic polymer. PET shows good dimensional stability and resistance to impact, moisture, alcohols and solvents. It is very strong and lightweight. One of PET’s most outstanding qualities it its exceptional recyclability. PET can be recovered and recycled again and again. The material can be recycled in a percentage up to 100% rPET.
  • ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a common thermoplastic polymer. ABS has a low melting point, which enables its easy use in injection molding process. It is lightweight and suitable for a vast range of applications. Its ability to withstand being heated and cooled multiple times makes it highly suitable for recycling. But rABS is hard to find in the market. At Fasten we can offer you recycled ABS, up to 100%!

Using recycled materials in cosmetic packaging
Recycled materials can be used on a big part of the standard assortment Fasten offers and can be combined with other sustainable options as reduce of material or refill options. It is also possible to make your packaging completely from mono material. The monomaterial range includes PP jars, pumps, dispensers and sticks.

Choosing recycled materials is an easy way to go green. There is one small downside. The color of recycled material will never be as pure as for virgin materials. But as a brand, this downside should be subordinate to reaching the corporate sustainability goals.

Next to recycled materials, we have numerous sustainable packaging solutions! Do you have a request or want to know more? Contact us!

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