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Refill options; Go extreme!

Fasten stands for innovative beauty packaging. We are constantly thinking about, and rethinking packaging. A major part of product development concerns sustainability. Consumers want to contribute to a better world. They are willing to pay more if a cosmetic brand is contributing to the environment and society. This gives brands the opportunity to invest in sustainability.

The simple steps for a brand to contribute is to change the material into recycled material, use certified materials, or choose a refill solution. There already is a wide assortment of refill solutions available, ready to market. But a lot of brands have decided to create their own.

Brands like Rituals, Dior, Lancôme, Giorgio Armani, and Charlotte Tilbury have already chosen a custom refill system for their facial creams. And a lot of brands will follow in the near future. It will reduce the CO2 footprint as save the use of raw materials, but they will keep their own branding.

At Fasten, next to offering several standard refill solutions and custom-designed refill systems for several brands, we also develop ideas that are just something else. The thought that a refill does not have to be boring, but needs to stand out on the shelf, let to the design of the extreme refill series. The refill can be combined with our standard glass jar, but can also be combined with a jar in sustainable 1-step pet, PE, PP or Acrylic. The design options are not limited to the current designs.

When creating your brands’ extreme refill, you can choose a graphic design, your logo, or just something else. You can bring the idea and we make something extreme that suits your brand and will appeal to your customers!

Interested in designing your own extreme refill? Contact us!



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