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At FASTEN, packaging is our passion! Customizing standard packaging or creating a completely unique design from scratch, we can do it all.

To meet the needs of our customers, we created a catalogue, offering a wide range of ready-made cosmetic packaging components, including jars, bottles, dispensers, caps, tubes, pumps and color cosmetic packaging. Every item in our catalogue can be customized, including color and aftertreatments. We also offer a range of recycled and sustainable materials which can be applied to the standard packaging components.

Quality is the basic principle of our packaging. We have an in-house quality control system to guarantee high-quality packaging that complies with the latest standards.

Catalogue categories
So check out our online catalogue! A short summary what you can find:

  • Make-up: a wide range of make-up components, focused on lip- and face products. We have a variety of lipsticks, lipglosses, lipcare, mascara, compact cases, loose powder jars, cosmetics pens and sticks, and nail polish components.
  • Pump, sprayers & foamers: a big selection of mist sprayers, triggers, clinch sprayers, lotion pump and liquid dispensers to choose from. There is a suitable pump or sprayer available for every product. The dibtube will be adjusted to fit perfectly with the chosen bottle.
  • Caps: Choose from our fliptop-, disctop, screw- or aluminumcaps.
  • PET/PE/PP Bottles: We have a big range of PET/PE/PP bottles, which contains our standard bottle series as well as our special- and foamer bottles.
  • Glass bottles and Jars: Our glass bottles and jars are extremely luxurious, and include complete dropper sets, dropper bottles, droppers, lotion bottle (sets), room fragrance diffusers, complete glass jar sets, glass jars and caps.
  • Perfume: Our perfume category includes bottles, caps, (clinch) sprayers and roll-ons to create the perfume of your dreams.
  • Dispensers and jars Our standard dispenser assortment including airless dispensers, dual chamber dispensers, mist sprayers and powder sprays. We also offer acrylic/PET/PP jars.
  • Tubes and roll-ons: Last but not least, we offer standard and specialty tubes, and roll-ons.

Besides our standard assortment, we also offer fully custom designs to fit your brands’ specific needs.

We work with masstige as well as mass brands and can find the perfect fit for just about any concept. At Fasten, everything is possible, for any budget. We listen to requests and are pleased to translate them into concrete packaging concepts.

Should you have any questions or requests or require a paper catalogue, please contact us, our project managers are eager to assist you!


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